Home Foundations & Structural Concrete

For over thirty years, Houston Concrete Co. has been one of the leading structural concrete and foundation contractors in the greater Houston area. We are a fully-equipped and OSHA-certified foundation contractor, with the manpower and expertise necessary to oversee and install structural foundations, structural slabs, structural decks, grade beams, caissons, soldier piles, basements, tilt wall panels, elevated slab on metal decks, elevated formed decks, post-tensioned slabs, and retaining walls.

We have considerable experience in the construction of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, and multi-family, custom home, and tract residential markets. As an OSHA-certified subcontractor, Houston Concrete Co. has worked with some of the premier developers, construction management firms, and architects in the South East over the last 30 years. We offer a range of services broad enough to bid, undertake, and complete the most complex and demanding masonry projects. When a general contractor is tasked with procuring bids for a multi-faceted job that includes structural slabs, grade beam foundations, caissons, architectural concrete, and finish hardscape work such as stone, barbecues, stone veneer, carved limestone, and water features, Houston Concrete Co. is the ideal choice, as our firm can bid and build every element of the project, allowing the general contractor to oversee one masonry firm instead of two or three.

We work closely with Builders, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Owners, because we feel that communication is the key element in the success of a construction project. The free flow of detailed information between all parties is essential to that goal.