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Comparing Wood Windows To Vinyl Windows In Overland Park

The most common two types of windows are vinyl windows and wood framed windows so homeowners usually find it difficult to choose between wood windows and vinyl windows in Overland Park. If you are among those who are in that situation, here is a comprehensive comparison between wood windows and vinyl window.

Color and finish

Vinyl windows in Overland Park can be painted in different colors just like how a wood frame can also be painted. There is a wide range of colors that both of them can take. However, aside from both tan and white, it will cost you more to paint your vinyl window in another color.

So, when it comes to color and finish, both of them are great options. However, vinyl seems to be a better choice as it has better features.


Wood requires painting all through it lifetime. Apart from that, you also need to protect it from several insects like the carpenter ant and termites. On the other hand, vinyl does not require any painting. This is why they say vinyl is final. However, you may need to clean it with a piece of cloth and some mild soapy water. This will help to maintain its original color.

Insulating ability

Wood is a very bad conductor of temperature and this is great. When it is cold outside, it will prevent the cold air to find its way inside. Conversely, the same thing will happen when it is hot outside. Wood frame will also be able to stop the hot air from gaining access into your home.

On the other hand, vinyl is also a poor conductor of temperature but it is not as good as wood in this regard probably because it is often hollow.


Vinyl windows have a better offer here. Vinyl windows are usually relatively cheaper or more cost effective than wood windows. So, if capital is a major constraint, you may need to go for vinyl as against wood windows.

Turnaround time

Since the demand for wood-framed windows dropped drastically, retailers do not see them as a priority so you may not see any readymade wood frame for windows. On the other hand, the demand for vinyl has increased, so you are likely to get readymade vinyl windows. In other words, vinyl offers a much better turnaround time. Wood frames are now mostly produced on customers’ demand.

Resale value

While vinyl boosts the resale value of your home, wood also does but you have to maintain it properly before it does.

More people believe that vinyl is a better choice. Vinyl will always retain its finish without any repaint, re-stain, and sand. In addition, it won’t flake, peel, or pit like wood. Most importantly, vinyl is much more durable than wood.

In conclusion, if you still do not agree that vinyl is a better choice, then, ask yourself this question – why did the advent of vinyl windows lead to the drastic drop in the demand of wood framed windows? The answer is easy. The reason is that homeowners have seen some features that wood framed windows lack.

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